A lot of people who consider themselves photographers say they can't remember a time when they didn't have a camera in hand.  That was not the case for me.  My passion, from an early age, was travel. Yes, I usually had a camera with me, but I was NOT a photographer.  When I would return from a trip I would get my images developed and was always pleased with at least a few from the bunch.  However, most of my images didn't impress me.

Back in 2003, I, like most people, was shooting with film.  So, when I took a two week trip to Alaska, I armed myself with lots of it.  After returning home and going through the waiting game of having my images developed, I was hoping for good results.  Like usual, a handful were decent, but a lot didn't capture the spectacular beauty of the landscape.  It was at this point I realized that I didn't really know HOW to take a good image.  I knew nothing about exposure, shutter speed, ISO or composition.  I decided it was time to work with some professionals and become better at this hobby I was starting to really enjoy.  

My first workshop, in 2006, was with Tony Sweet, a "Nikon Legend Behind the Lens".  Because of Tony, right away, the process of making images was starting to become demystified. I would end up working with Tony and his partner, Susan Milestone, many times since.  Through Tony I was also introduced to excellent photographers, such as Ed Heaton and his wife Kelly, as well as, John Barclay. Working with John opened up my exposure to other great photographers, such as John's business partner, Dan Sniffin, phenomenal black and white image maker, Chuck Kimmerle, as well as, arguably the best photographer in Ireland, Peter Cox.  Spending a week at a time with these experts has improved my images, significantly, since 2006.

My passion for photography has only increased over the years and that passion has allowed me to travel not only all over the United States but to Italy and Ireland, as well. With trips planned to Hawaii and Iceland, the adventure is sure to continue. It is my hope that those friends, family, fellow photographers and whomever else might come across my work, will occasionally return to my website and blog to catch up on what I've been shooting and to leave a comment or two, pro or con, on the images you've come across. I never want anyone to feel obligated to return to my work, but if,  through me, anyone can enjoy a slice of the destinations I've been lucky enough to travel and then enjoy the imagery, then that is all I can really hope for.

Thanks for sharing in my adventure !!


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